Meeting in mid-2014, Ayam Goreng Nelongso at that time, which still had 4 outlets, decided to use the Marketing Development Program.

With stage 1 Re-Framing Ayam Goreng Nelongso with a new look with the current concept. Then IMARKS also conceptualizes the Core Value that is now attached to Ayam Goreng Nelongso. Fulfillment of our 6 marketing points is closely monitored and continues to encourage the team to execute aggressively.

So that on the way to accompany Ayam Goreng Nelongso, IMARKS succeeded in helping Ayam Goreng Nelongso from only those known in Malang City, until now Ayam Goreng Nelognso has GO National with Vertical and Horizontal growth percentage as quite pleasing to be seen,

By continuing to create content tailored to the market, Fried Chicken Nelongso managed to brainwash its customers to memorize Mars Nelongso’s Song and succeeded in creating extraordinary Awareness, so that now in any city People are already familiar with Ayam Goreng Nelongso especially on Java.

Main Weapon is Ayam Goreng Nelongso’s all channel social media active and updated every day with creative content designed every month, now Ayam Goreng Nelongso is more frequent and focused on playing on Instagram with 1 main account and 9 accounts per city, Ayam Goreng Nelongso succeeded in building a new community in each city entered. IMARKS also co-designed a marketing program that succeeded in bringing many prospects and succeeded in reaching many new consumers, Makan Bisa Dapat IPHONE , Mars Nelongso, Nelongso Peduli Jomblo, #EkpresiPedasChallenge, Chicken Karma and others.

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